Friday, September 03, 2010


Panoramic view of downtown Portland.  Fuji S1500 compact superzoom was used for this one.   More pictures and more comments of interest are on there way.  Writing on this site I must minimize things.   I will start a new one for other interests.   Questions, comments and fanmail are welcome at:  I get TONS of junk mail so if I don't get back to you in few days it's not your fault.  Please send me another.  Take care and I thank everyone for there encouragement.

A blast from the bast.. a shot I took in 2007 probably with my old Canon 10d 6mp DSLR.

There are lots of pics I want to show you but my laptop total died!     I'm currently using my wife's computer as a backup but she does not have the necessary room for me to run my photographic software on her computer.   About a month ago, my main and only laptop computer.. a duel processor duel core HP dv9139us COMPLETELY CRASHED dead as a door nail.   I can't even get the screen to come on.   The system simply re-boots over and over again never finding a boot disk no matter what boot disc you put in it.   I used Linux and Windows and even ordered the system restore disk from HP.   Useless.   The computer seems to have a problem with the motherboard that will cost over 400 bucks to fix.   Put short.. at $599 a pop I'd be better off just getting a new one since I have other problems with the computer.   It already had some kind of damage.. one USB slot died, and so did one color on the external monitor port.  Hardware failure confirmed.    So the motherboard has been in trouble for some time.  After talking to HP and reading on line I have concluded that the system was possibly meant to crash in 3 years time.   Literally dozens of models and 100s of people have had this problem yet HP does NOTHING about it!  So that is what it feels like.    Could it be that the latest laptops have built in BIOS problems that inherently require you to use Windows or have your computer crash??   OR is this HP trying to justify selling a good laptop with a terminal problem built in on purpose??   I am not big on conspiracy theories but it makes me wonder reading all the info.   Was this computer built to crash in about 3 years so I'd buy a new one??   I don't know.. but whatever happened it's left me without a computer with enough memory to work with my images and therefor I won't be posting much for a couple of months or more.   I don't know how long it will take for me to save up for a new laptop but it's top on my list.   Just letting my readers know.

COMMENTS ARE BEING REMOVED the system has been abused.   Due to the obvious abuse of the comment system on my blog.. I am going to turn OFF the RECENT comments view as it seems to be next to impossible to keep people from using my site for illegal adds and other ridiculous junk.    Until the system is cleaned up more.. I can't afford to have what is in essence my face on the Internet covered with junk comments that could say anything.   I'm turning them off.   You can thank the fools that post stupid junk like recently seen from adds about adult material to chat about computers that has nothing to do with my site or anything on it.   Please use the comment bar nicely or email me.

A shot I took right after the fire with my Fuji S1500 compact zoom at very high ISO and a long exposure.

COMEBACK EXPECTED with LOTS of new pictures in a couple of months or so. 
When I do make my comeback in a couple of months I plan to do so with LOTS of pictures.   I've been taking them and editing them in camera and just copying them to external hard drives.

After having a half dozen hard drives survive our horrible house fire being not only baked inside a bag but even melted in some cases.. and being submerged by watter for two days..they still survived.   I've been checking the data.   Incredibly the photos that can survive disaster are saved on my small external USB hard disks.   (2) MAKE A BACKUP COPY of your hard disks as you fill them.   PUT the backup drive(s) in another location or get an expensive backup system.   I lost some 70% of my pictures in the fire.   I had archived (like many digital photographers) all my stuff (as well as all my film work) on disks and negatives.  Both of which melted.  DVDs and CDs that survived with images on them only did because they were somewhere else during the fire.   Everything that was plastic in that area melted or burned.   The disks were literally vaporized.    So.. BACKUP your pictures and DO IT FAST.     As soon as you get back from a shoot.. any kind of one.. I recommend that you people use a professional backup like a RAID drive or-- last but most important.. back up "My pictures" and other such things to small drives.   Nearly all my WESTERN DIGITAL drives survived the fire and being submerged in water.   None of my DVD/CD picture collection or desktop external hard drives survived.  The one's that did were in a bag that actually burned and melted into and around the drives.   Incredibly I found them one after the other to work great.   SO habitually backup your pictures on hard drives if you want them to last.  (3) NOBODY can seem to give me a simple straight awns er on how long DVD disks last.   Your average DVD/RWUSB computer cable itself.   They average 350GB or so.    You can get one for $100 bucks now and it's well worth it.   Recently at Target I found a 1TB drive for less then $100!  This would be great to make a large database of important pictures or make a backup of all your pictures to place at a friends house or other safe place.   (4) Unless your going to thousands of dollars.. a safe is pretty much useless.   Those one's only costing 100 bucks or so that you can buy at big stores don't do a much of a job at all.   My grandpa's war diary, my passports.. and many other things personal were destroyed in the safe which was never found and apparently vaporized.   The fire marshal told me these types of cheap "fire boxes" don't work very well for high-heat fires.  Usually everything inside them is baked.     So anyways.. that's my take on backup.

"No personal space" Fuji S1500 pic
Is Siemens going to build us any more Max trains??   We need them.   It is nearly impossible to ride in many places during rush hour.

50.400 --AM frequency I can be contacted on 6m
53.13 repeater I often monitor
146.84 --sometimes on that one as well
I"m sorry I've been a backslider and stuff.. life has hit me with a lot of things I must overcome.  My wife Alina has been incredibly supportive and I thank her for being there for me.  I also want to thank everyone who has welcomed me at various times in this area since my wife and I moved out here from Portland.   Recently I've been found to have very high blood sugar therefor I'm going in today to find out what the plan is and how severe the problem is.   I know I will have a blast on the air again when I'm feeling a bit more talkative.   With my laptop crashing right after I finally got my D90 after saving for nearly a year.. I have to wait again to start serious photography and my plans to market my pictures someday.