Tuesday, October 18, 2011


I have over 1,700 pictures from Occupied Portland Oregon that I took during 2 days and part of the night there.  In my opinion it was a great event and these 'Occupations' are bringing out serious and solid social issues that MUST be changed sometime in the future.  Being here was both an awesome experience photographically and in hope for our country and world's future.  I don't believe in all these ideas, but many of them I do.  I am breaking my long-held non-political stand on Mostly Macros.   HOWEVER This does NOT mean I am no longer going to show you the spider pictures and articles I do or other nature shots I will continue to publish.  While this is going however--my lenses are on Occupied Portland as the mainstream News media seems to want to act as if it means nothing and does not exist.

Not changing them and not listening to the people will eventually not become an option.  America and indeed the world, may well be at a crossroads.  This to me even though I was not born yet in the 1960s, is the greatest protest for civil-rights and liberties, justice, and accountability as well as the fight against greed since that time.  I have a set of mostly SIGN pictures that I WILL release soon.   This set 2 of pictures will have most of the expressed political views and artistic signs made by the protestors during Occupation Portland while I was photographing it.

NOTES:  I DO NOT NECESSARILY AGREE WITH ALL SIGNS OR STATEMENTS MADE HERE!  I will add text later if I am interested in a specific thing to agree with.  Otherwise consider this simply what I viewed through my lens.  Journalism as I think it should be done showing whatever I see--not just tiny snippets of what I want to see.  Opinions were often common but a very wide number of views and issues are being represented by the Occupy movement in general throughout the world.  I hope it is a peaceful revolution that will enact some serious change and spark some well doing in a now obviously desperate nation and world.  Inequality and oppression cannot remain in place forever, such things cannot be ignored.

(2) IF you wish to have your photo removed please email me--(email on sidebar of this blog) IF you wanted to be on my blog and have not seen your shot yet--PLEASE WAIT--I have lots of pictures and work to get these up.


(3) I HAVE MANY MORE PICS TO POST!  This is only the first installment.  I have the protest march, and many other events and activities I think should be shown.  These are NOT the best pictures or the pictures I picked.  They were just the first ones to fall on the top of my JPEG pile of over 1700 shots from that day.  There is far more to see and come about OCCUPY PORTLAND.

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Here is my wife, doing a really great thing on the protest walk October 15th.  She really helped me by watching my camera gear while I took shots and did the full protest walk.  She's the best wife in the world for understanding my ideas and photographic life. 

 This is a married couple who were just married yesterday, hailed as "the first married couple of Occupied Portland".  I promised I'd post there picture on my site.  (Contact me if you see it and I will add your names--email me your names! :)

 Normal pictures.  Even at a high ISO, taking shots in near-darkness is not easy.  So I got out my tripod and went for night-shots turning night--into day. 
 This shot was taken just a few seconds after the above black dark shot showing how dark it was in camera terms.  With long exposures, you can get incredibly detailed shots of anything that stays still.  However, if people move in the picture--the movement can be seen in an interesting and artistic ghost like way.  Night-shots can be better then day-time shots.  So I have a number of them more I plan to take and post of Occupied Portland.