Monday, October 03, 2005

Darkling Beetle
Coelocnemis californicus
I Found this beetle in Dalles at light. Unless otherwise
stated all the insects and spiders I put on my website I
found and photographed here in The Dalles Oregon.
This Beetle acts like the bombardier Beetle but is not related.
I did not test if it has any such defenses. I like to take pictures
only and not interfere even the smallest if possible. Handling
small insects can harm them and in some cases can actually
kill them. Accidents happen very quickly when you are dealing
with small insects. I recently caught a small click beetle and
photographed it on my hand as it was taking off–it fell, ran
onto a book, and as I lifted something to catch it again it was
crushed. Another time I photographed a fast moving beetle
by corralling it, just after I photographed it, it ran under my shoe
as I moved my foot and stepped on it by accident. It ran very
fast. To avoid such dangers is a good idea as it is hard to feel
proud of pictures of insects that were killed just for a picture.
They have there lives. My views on this is very strong and I
hate it when ignorant people use bug spray or kill animals for
little or no reason.

Things like bug-lights and hornet traps actually attract the pests
to you and then kill some of them. In theory–your more likely
to get stung if you use a hornet trap then if you don’t bother
with any of it. The same is true with bug-lights. Most people
don’t know mosquitoes are not attracted by light–they come
because of your breath and find you by that and your body
heat. They will bite no matter if it is dark or not and could not
care less about a bug-light when warm blooded animals are
breathing near by. Exhaled breath and other smells they can
detect for large distances attract them to people and other
animals. I believe all living creatures have a right to live and
take pride when I can photograph something without effecting
its life in any way. To prevent moths from being trapped I even
removed the covers from most of my outside lights so that the
lights do not kill them as an accidental heat-trap. I believe even
insects are aware of there existence and the emotions that mean
being alive from fear to pleasure.

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Anonymous said...

This is Eleodes subgenus Blapylis.