Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Mombo, a true and loyal best friend

My dad's dog, Mambo. He's the gentlest of dogs and very nice. He has two things he is obsessed with, food and barking VERY loud. But we love him very much.

Have you ever wondered what your dog does while your not home?
A nice nap. I noticed his paws moving as I shot this low-light image. If your in the market for a more "pro" camera like a digital SLR--be sure to get one that goes above 1200iso. You will want it. I believe all the top brands do as far as I have seen. But check on that because it's a really nice feature. I can take incredibly clean pictures at 1600iso black and white or color.

Mambo in a candid moment. Using no flash inside I built a set of all the controls I can just push a button on my camera to switch to the custom mode. White balance, ISO, flash control, f-stop, shutter speed, color mode and other features pre-programmed lets me have all those complex settings and changes with the touch of one button-I release the button and it returns to my manual settings or auto-modes. I often manual focus and nearly always operate at shutter priority mode or completely manually. This keeps me trained in memory about my settings so that I can know what I need to set some of my film cameras at and keep my mind "in shape" as a photographer.

He also loves to catch old tennis balls. Dad walks him every day to a local school and I shot have many more shots to post.

I had a great chance to practice at portrait and low light pictures of living creatures. Any practice and learning is always good.


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