Sunday, July 02, 2006


"The lost cause of tomorrow" Click on picture for better view

I promised many times that this would never be a political website. However when I came upon this man I pulled out my medium-sized digital SLR very quickly---I knew I only had seconds, a friend from Church was turning the car and I had about 4sec to start up my Digital SLR and take a shot of this poor man. I was set for f22 macro shots! But I did a burst of about 6 shots or so and got a few that could actually work. Forgetting that my camera was set for my macro lens at f22!

Once I got the picture, I had to tell how I feel about it. If there was ever a picture worth a thousand words that I have taken, it is this one. This man is almost for-sure a Vietnam vet. But my camera was set for shooting 7 inch close-up macro shots with a relatively big flash so trying to pull the picture up was real hard. In a way that was good, because you can’t recognize him really well. Sadly there are countless more people that look just like him. And because of this war--there is a whole new generation of them comming. I had allot more to say but this site is not for Politics. I will say just a few basic words.

It is my opinion that we should handle our very seriously needed domestic issues, SUCH AS THE RECENT HURRICANE --and countless other things rather then spending BILLIONS on WARS with countries we don’t even have a “right” to go to war with. I will not say anymore politics here. But I feel deeply sad for that guy in the picture above. And if it were not for my illness I might well be in Iraq. Someday I might have ended up like him if I did not have such a good family and me be so blessed. Count your blessings and learn how to vote. If we do nothing we will fall to peaces. I believe in the Original Constitution and the Ten Commandments. Not much more good about politics has been learned for the past few thousand years. -END OF SPEECH -G.Beasley 2006

2011 update-- Politically I still see things about the same as I did in 2006. I believe in compassion and doing the right thing. Individual rights and the rights of the planet. NOT corporations and big money or pop culture in it's endless dangerous ignorance of facts. One big thing has changed, I am becoming a Buddhist. I also believe that the political systems we have created do not work. It's not sustainable for us or our planet. I don't know all the answers but making it worse sure the heck is not. There are way too many problems and if you want to know more about my political views maybe I will start a political blog one day too. I have enough problems with my photo blog! I realized that format errors made for an embarrassing number of bad posts with serious errors and worse in them! I believe in individual rights like religion, the right to bare arms, and that money is about the most dangerous invention ever created. Too many people are greedy and the poor suffer and pay for the rich. The divide gets larger and larger every day. I watched my dad work all day every day his whole life and end up broke. Not because he spent money. Those who work hard--don't get payed the millions. That is clear. Not to mention the environmental disasters we have and oh yeah, legalized slavery that goes on in China and many other countries. The system does not work and I am an independent. I tend to vote Democratically and am generally a liberal. That is all for now and here.
--G.Beasley 2011

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