Monday, August 01, 2005


Sweat Bees, These are a different kind then the ones I've already posted. I'm not sure if they are a different species. One of the biggest differences is how fast they fly and how. They fly extremely fast. Much faster then most bees. They circle a flour a dozen times in a couple of seconds and then land on it for a quick stop. Then takeoff buzzing around almost for no reason. Like the Tiger beetle, they are moving too fast for there eyes to function very well, they have to stop for a bit or slow a bit down somehow or this happens. These two bees ran into each other and broke up less then a quarter of a second after this high speed picture was shot. I did not expect this incredible shot, it's another one of those that just happen. I really like this picture. Be sure to click on it for the largest view. These bees fly more like flies and move faster then any bees I can recall seeing. I re-edited this in 2011--and I am still amazed at this shot. The most incredible shot I think I ever have done with a point and shoot camera. My old 6mp Kodak DX7630. A lot of things lined up in just the right way at the right time for this shot to happen. Luck is definitely part of what photography is all about.

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