Thursday, August 18, 2005

These are some highlighted insect shots I did a while ago. This is a Clickbug. It's only about 1cm long. When handled, you can hear there natural defense system "click". If you hold one in your hand (carefully) you can feel the power behind the click. It literally bangs it's head so fast it creates a pocket of air which makes a snap. Incredibly this head banging defense is very useful. From the dilemma of turning over to being attacked--the shockwaves can hurt or scare other bugs. The huge tropical species can break the skin and send a shockwave so painful you can't hold on to them. They are over an inch long.

I like this shot, it was one of the first good pictures I took with my new 6.1mp Kodak the day
I got it several months ago.
Files can be approached. When I first started photographing insects most of my macro lenses were close up--I had to get about 3-5 inches or so close to my subject. Because of this I had to learn how to move. At first I thought I'd never be able to approach flies, but if you move painfully slow--you can, especially when they are in the sun. The trick is to seem like the vegetation and seem like you are & were there. No quick movements.

This grass spider I found a place to show it's acrobatic grip on a concrete stares. I made the pictures in this series larger so click on them to see how well you can see each one. I am experimenting with picture resolution on my site.

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