Sunday, September 11, 2005

The Grass Spider -one of many-NOT BROWN RECLUSE

This is a very common species. Possibly the most common of all spiders in many Northwest places. This is NOT A brown recluse! I was very mad at one site that used a picture of this very common garden spider to sell there products. This spider is VERY common and There are probably well over 100 adults living in any small yard and house with room for a small garden in the backyard. They are shy and not at all related to dangerous species. These spiders can be seen by the dozens making there sheet webs on shrubs--and also can be found in rocks or under them, where I found this female. All spiders are potentially dangerous, do not handle--but please do not kill. These spiders eat 1000s of destructive insects and that can be very well seen if you go into your back yard, garage or basement where these spiders can sometimes be found and examine the remains of there victims. They are major insect predators. Agelenopsis sp. (Agelenidae) There seems to be several varieties of this spider large and small. Another common name for it is the Sheet Web spider as they make sheet webs with a funnel that they hide in. They are very shy--and will run at the slightest bump. I have a lot of pictures of this spider I have yet to post, this one I took recently of an adult female.


Anonymous said...

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cheers, Yves

chaindropz said...

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