Thursday, December 29, 2005


HAPPY NEW YEARS---Glad to here from all of you and hope you all had a great Christmas. I got started on a project here and I could not stop until I had it on my site. This is a technical idea I came up with that's another expression of old and new technology art created just to say it could be done. There are more snow pictures from here and I have about literally 5000 pictures backlogged for this site. Literally. I got a lot of work to do on this so give me some time. If you like my site be sure to come back in a couple weeks or so and see if there is new stuff. I'm surprised at how many people think it's just "finished" and is not a growing thing. No--it will not be "finished" probably ever. A Blog and website like this is a growing added too thing that just gets bigger as I add new photos and articles. Also--go back to the first four months or so for the most new pictures--I've seen that it can be confusing as you see the same shots at first when clicking on the all pictures menus. Take it way back in time to see new stuff right away.

I have a ton of pictures to put on my site. Give me some time. I had a lot happening during the holidays and finally got back. Now I’m going to California again but I plan to post a whole bunch of new shots before then. I'm getting back in the grove. NOTICE TO PSE USERS--if you use Adobe Photoshop Elements and it ever gives you an error message about the "Styles" file being "bad or corrupt". DELETE THE PREFS and ALL THE PSE marked directories in files. It is easy if you know your way around Windows. This nightmare message that does not respond to-re-installing the software has been brought to my attention and I found the fix. This problem may not be limited to PSE and may well extent to CS & CS2 as well as earlier and newer versions of PSE. SPELLING PROBLEMS- Spelling has been an issue I've been working on here. I was not much of a writer before I started my website. Therefore I've kind of re-learned how to do it. My spelling when I first started this site was horrible and I know it. Please ignore that for now. I'm more interested in future pictures then I am cleaning that up but I may get around to it someday. Sorry about that. My spelling has gotten better and better as I write more and use a more advanced spell-check program then I had back then. I graduated in 1996. It's been a long time since I did anything like this or written much so thanks for your understanding. Please ignore it as this site is mainly about pictures, and not words.

I got allot of winter pictures!!!! First this-

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