Monday, August 28, 2006

More Flower Creations


This is a series of Photoshop edited files I created with a single picture I took of some flowers my mom gave me to attack bugs and pose them. They live in a small pot and are several varieties. When I was able to get it healthy--I took this one shot that became through my work in the "digital darkroom" to become new creations.

"Flower Egg"

My version of an artistic egg form. There are so many ways to do backgrounds that I have to think carefully of what is pleasing not only to myself but others. I test my parents and other people on what really stands out or is "my best" work.

Light changes, and a strange look happens. One thing I learn about learning Photoshop is to take notes. Sometimes I forget when I find a situation I have created but forgot the complex settings I used to make it!

"Side by Side"

I might want to re-name this one "X-Ray" as it seems to me now. The bright white and yellow flowers have been converted to a far different view and this was not a monochrome or B&W picture. When it comes to flower shots, my uncle is very good at it and lives with my Grandma who is an AVID gardener. He has an endless supply of subjects and flowers to work with. I have to try to get away with taking pictures in stores and near or sometimes even on other peoples lawn! I am registered as a Photographer here with The Dalles PD.

I still have a GREAT DEAL to learn about Photoshop. I was going to try to build the same constructions just like my uncle has been doing-really nice in Just Pictures, but I decided that copy-cat pictures are no good. Especially since our websites are linked and he is my Uncle and Mentor. So I am trying for the first time to concentrate more on the "digital Darkroom" (Photoshop) and am trying to find my own creations. I shoot far more bugs then flowers--and he has a great garden as well as local parks in Portland that are filled with birds and butterflies. I think I might ask to stay for a few days so that I can get a some wildlife shots in before the end of summer. Here in The Dalles there are parks but a taxi fee will be $15 bucks and they are way to up the hill to get to--no to mention "humanly sanitized". As I say, a "humanly sanitized park" or manicured lawns make me sick as they disrupt and pollute wildlife of all kinds. I'd rather see a yard full of weeds booming with life, green and so many other colors. I have ALLOT to learn about Photoshop. I am just a Novice but learn more after each process.

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