Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Black widow catch!

Usually, I try very hard not to interfere with nature. I realize after many mystakes that nature must be seriously respected. If you catch a spider in your front yard, and let it go in your back yard--the chances of that spider living is often very low. Spiders find the best spots--learn about there sorroundings as was incredibly proven to the shock of sceintists when a number of normal garden spiders systematically found out how to spin perfect webs without gravity. Thus I normally only catch spiders allready dispaced. Or wondering spiders I can return to there spot quickly. I hardly ever use cooling methods that other guys use. This Black Widow was a whole different situation. The only way I would now days catch a Black widow and keep one in a jar is exactly what happened. So the situation probubly saved this black widows life and put people out of danger. I found her in the middle of a Tenis cort--something like 50ft or more away from any kind of place to live like a normal spider. She was under a roll-arround plastic garbidge can on wheels. I noticed the silk that they make--once you pull on it you know. They have very strong silk. With a miror and my tools to catch spiders I was able to safely get her ou to of her place without harming her. This catch was best for her, and for me. Most of all of course--the danger of being bit was high in that place. I don't know how she survived, but she did and I chose to take her with me because I allready had to displace her. She is now living well in a jar I put together. DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME! Black widows have one of the top five most painful and long lasting bites in the world. Like rattle snakes, most bites are from people who think they can handle them and it will be easy. Or that it takes no skill to do so. It takes a great deal of skill to remove a black widow and insure you know enough about spider biology in order to know how to capture her without killing her. Tweezers are not an option. And then you need to know the many needs and danger. I figured it worked out both for the spider and the people in the tennis cort whre I found her. I now have a way to let people understand one of the most widely known species of spiders that are highly dangerous to man that exists. That I have it in cage and can talk about it brings a new light to people. I've conviced many people and been very proud of it to save spiders--not to kill them. If you do however see a spider that looks like the one in this video you shold admire but keep your hands off! I am a professional here--I litteraly started with my first black widow at 8 years old. And there are reports of black widows living for 6 years or more in captivity. I will not explain where they are much or how to catch them because it is not right. Not to mention dangerous. Really, I have been working with spdiers and photographing them for a very long time. It is not as easy as it looks. Not even close.

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