Monday, October 01, 2007

CATCH THIS!! : Jumping spider catching pray

I can't believe it! This is so awesome now that I can post video clips here. This is one that I just by some chance happened to catch. It was filmed with a compact digital camera in video mode.
Kodak is one brand that gives no time limit to A/V recording. The new Kodak compact cameras with image stability also have this ability at a far higher resolution. I just got a Kodak Z712 IS.
It has not only an incredible zoom and full video at SVGA quality--it packs a punch in a small package. It will keep recording crisp video and audio until the batteries run out or the card runs out of space. Hours. The only drawback is trying to find the Lithium rechargeable batteries.
The above jumping spider was shot with my DX-7630 Kodak, but below is the new Z712 IS at high res. 800x600. Not all the way to high-def but higher then regular TV.

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