Friday, September 26, 2008

From Fireworks to Bali --some backloged shots

I set off a number of legal fireworks on the 4th of July this year and recently did some work in Photoshop to show how the same shot can show so many aspects of an image.
Non-visible light aside, catching a shot of a simple firework going off can be interesting and easy to do producing fun results. Using RAW data, the same image can change.

Caught at the right moment, the same shot takes on a new view depending on how the exposure level you set in RAW.
A Flicker, a common butterfly that I was able to shoot from nearly 8 feet away with a teli-converter lens extension. I am still using my Cannon D10, wich shoots at about 6.3mp. Plenty.. despite what you might read in some magazines. I like my 10D, as outdated as it may seem, it was built well, takes lots of lenses, and great pics.
Seen here with wings folded. I think they open there wings to warm up in some cases showing 4 wings as seen in the picture above this one.
Another fireworks shot best seen if you click on it to see full 1080 image. Adjusting the exposure gave me a very surprising range of colors and images from the same RAW file from my Cannon D10 digital SLR.
The same shot, only exposure turned way down to pick up far less light.
Another shot showing black powder smoke trails when brought up in exposure level.
The same shot as above, exposure low.
A great time to snap the image. I shoot fireworks relatively fast, but sometimes longer exposures produce interesting results. In this case, it was possible to shoot at ISO100. RAW files are deffinately worth the downside of them being larger then there JPEG counterparts.
Two lovers.. in Guam. It is my hope that I will be able to take my fiance, Alina, to this spot in Guam right out in my mom's back yard. Incredible, they have a condo here. However, it's not cheap and my budget it very low. New cameras and HDV is not really an option. I have not been able to upgrade to a live-view camera.
Here are a number of shots from Bali I think I forgot to post or did not post much about. These huts litter the rice fields. They are rest-stops where the locals take breaks from there hard and long work on the fields.
A shrine, the many Hindu god's are warshiped here. This one was above my hotel room.
I think I posted this shot before but It's a great rice paddy shot and I thought I'd post it again for sure this time at 1080 so you can see more detail.
Depasar Bali, the skyline. A rare sight. The motel we were staying at had stairs up to the roof with a beautiful garden on it. I was able to find this shot so far and have several more from this rooftop I will post later when I find them in my archives. This was a great spot, but I won't take the elevator. The button caved in and smashed when I pushed it! A long climb up and I was able to get a few shots of the rooftops.
Every hotel has lots of art, incredible art like this in Bali. This was the main hotel I stayed at in U bud. Incredible woodwork and other materials. I don't know how they do it and for such a price. It's truly amazing.
So you think your job sucks!??
This man spent hours reaping by hand with a sickle. I am sure it is rice, but I am not completely sure how the whole rice process works. Be sure and click on this shot. It was captured with a 300mm Cannon zoom lens. Some time later a woman carried off his work in the bag.
A zoomout of the field he's working.
I think this lady is working with him but there are many trails in the rice paddies and they go on them for all kinds of reasons including shortcuts to markets. Snakes including cobras are not uncommon, but they are luckily afraid of people and run often before you even see them.

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I love the calm Columbia River shot. The spider shots are great, but spiders creep me out. Anyways I don't know if you remember me or not. I'm Donarae and I used to work at Fred Meyers photo. We used to talk photography. Do you have an email address? Mine is