Wednesday, September 03, 2008

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My Fiance Alina, and me. I finally have some new pics ready to put up and I will keep this site going! I hit 20,000 hits not too long ago, and many more page views. Thanks for compliments and if you have a question and do not get a response from me please e-mail me at the address given in the intro. Leave your e-mail address with your e-mail and it will remain Anonymous.

A Female jumper, I still can't get over these eye shots. It's like you can see she's thinking and definitely knows your there.

Recently I have been juggling my photography and my interest in electronics and ham radio. I pulled these parts out of a junk pile that was given to me by one of my ham radio friends named Jeff. (WA7MLH) I have been intensely studying to pass my technician class amature radio licence. Out of the some 391 questions in the question pool, I only missed approximately 90. So I should have my license just as soon as I learned some of the new stuff concerning Internet protocol and ham radio.

This is a crystal oscillator with a single transistor amplifier which could be used in an of itself as a QRP transmitter. I built it a couple of weeks ago. For those of you in The Dalles area currently I can be contacted on (11m) CB ch9&19 or VHF FM 151.82Mhz MRS ch1, part of the multi use (MURS) radio service. Just ask for "Skullbones 158" and I just might talk back to you! 73s, I can't wait until I can talk on the 2m ham band. I will add some more stuff about radios and radio here the more I learn as I get ready for that

Lights and camera in motion.
Alina is with me now. She is incredible and it is so nice to have someone to love who loves you back. Oh yeah, It has been a long time since I've added any pictures, some people have been concerned about my grammar and spelling errors. Sorry, nobody's perfect no need to continue to state the obvious.

The sunset shots I can get here can be not as impressive as the ones from overseas but they can sure still be something to look at.

Our private swimming hole:-)
Recently my fiancé and I, Alina went to the revire on one of the really hot days we were having there for awhile here in The Dalles Oregon. I have a few more pictures and an underwater video I was able to take by placing a small high definition video camera inside a waterproof housing built for another camera. This proved to be very functional allthough I could not control the camera so I will have to do allot of video editing. I may put more pictures then later from this trip as I also caught a spider all the way out on the barge in the rigging. And warm weaver I have not shown on this site yet. I have a few other new spider pictures with I also need to convert. So keep coming back! Thank you for the reson compliments.

Looking out from an awesome spot in The Dalles a while back. I 1000s of pics I want to put on my site, 100s of them from Bali. Finding the energy and time is the hardest part.

Some more orchids from Bali. They nearly grow on there own here. There are so many of them. A sweet place I hope to take Alina some day.

I still have so many shots from Bali that I have not yet compiled. This is one of the hotel pools that I stayed at on my 2007 trip. What an incredible place!

This was just before a win and lightning storm. This sky color changed to a bizzar tint of orange
As many of them all and Crows move away from the approaching thunderhead not shown in picture.

I managed to catch this picture from a greyhound bus trip back in July. The porch and do a full weather all year round when it's frozen like that its amazing. It got a bit too hot for us, so we went down of the river wich was a nice comfortable temperature after it been over a hundered agrees that day.

A local wildflower that blooms even on the warmest of days in the driest spots.

A male sack spider, clearly shown are the boxing glove look-like plaps that make telling males from females easy. The palps are located near the eyes and mouth.

A hover fly in flight. This shot is even more interesting than you think about how I was more than 8 feet away from this flower and the fly when I took his picture.

A hover fly in flight. This shot is even more interesting than you think about how I was more than 8 feet away from this flower and the fly when I took his picture.

Look at the squirrel .

"Out on a limb??"
I caught this sequence while outside ready to take pictures of birds. Don't worry the squirrel did not get hurt. He ran out onto the wire puting a new meaning to the phrase " out on a limb". Luckly he was only entangled in telephone and cable wires that do not carry dangerous voltages.

For a minute there I thought he was going to fall. But when the trust of this tale he righted himself and successfully got back on wire.

Impressive acrobatic skills here.

For a minute there I thought he was going to fall.

He made it! And probably won't make that mystake again.

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