Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Merry Christmas everyone!  and have a very happy new year.. a better year.. a great time but PLEASE don't leave Christmas trees in bad places!  (i.e. your neighbors back yard, the local park, etc..)

A speical thanks goes out to everyone who has helped us after the fire this year and to eveyrone who has helped make Mostly macros a well-viewed site.   Pushing this year into over 30,000 full hits and over 100 thousand page views.   Please don't be shy.. leave a comment or two.   Also a thanks to all the ham radio operators who have given us a warm welcome here in Portland.  And God bless everyone we know in The Dalles for keeping us in your harts and for your help.  If you want to link to my site just email me at  (you may have to send several times as I get alot of SPAM on that address) 

From Gabe and Alina Beasley 2009
new pics in 2010!


Anonymous said...

you have become such an expert in your photos! Truly beautiful and very well done. I get so tired of people who "think" they are photographers but assume holding the camera at an angle is "cool". You really are an artist Gabe!!
(and congratulations on your beautiful wife!)
Jenifer Fenton

Anonymous said...

oops! I meant Artist! not artist!

Gabe W. Beasley said...

Thank you. Jenifer Fenton, that just might be the most inspiring and truly nice comment I have ever gotten. :) Happy Holidays 12/24/10

Yes it can get discouraging at times but this is passion. Thank you! --G.Beasley

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