Thursday, March 25, 2010

Portland Saterday Market-- The D90 comeback

"Art day"
I went to Portland Saturday Market with my new Nikon D90.  I got the D90 because it meets some critical professional requirements and it turned out to have some incredible features.     It's an awesome camera.   I was thinking of getting the D300s but in further research found out that it's not really worth the extra money unless you shoot allot of video.  The D90 has the same imaging systems and sensor as the D300s.  I'm mostly all a still photographer so the D90 with nearly 5fps was plenty of pro-cam for me.    Iso flexibility that none of my other cameras came close too.  I never dreamed I'd be able to shoot at 3200iso+ on a regular basis and get really good shots.    It's an awesome camera that outperforms everything I had before the fire.    It took me nearly 6 months to save up enough for it on our income.. but it was well worth it. 

"Sitting around"
There were LOTS of people there.. people where having fun too.    Including news cams and other photographers.   The Portland Saturday market is a place for fun, meeting people.. selling stuff.. buying stuff.. taking pictures or doing arts and music.. just about anything you can think of during the spring and summer months is going on down there.    It's fun for the whole family and definitely worth checking out.

"Tents of people"
The Nikon DX format-image sensor is truly awesome.   I'd say it's definitely medium format film equiv.  I can crop stuff as small as 1/15th the image and still get a nice 8x10 print.   The D90 truly is an awesome camera.     I did not miss a shot because of waiting for the buffer and I won't have to worry about that any more.   

"Where's my Baby?"
Take a close look.. that's not a kid in that stroller.  Where's the kid.. where's the parents??

"Cross walk"

"Look at the photographer"
As you can see from these shots there were lots of different kinds of people there.  I caught some of them at there best, some who wanted to be photographed and some who might have not.    I should mention.. if anyone requests that I do not photograph them or that I do not post there photo.. I honer there wishes even though I don't have too.    That is one of the many differences between  a photographer and a paparazzi.  

"Ready to save!"
Two bullhorns blasted with fundamentalist Christian extremism.   It was too much for me and a few other people who yelled back at the "your going to hell" church of the screaming Bible people.   Don't get me wrong.. I'm a Christian myself.. but these guys went a bit too far.

"Fountain of fun"
The weather was great and the water cycles so the kids can play.    With the D90s large format sensor.. I can make a panorama out of any picture.   It has twice the resolution of my Canon 10d which was destroyed in the fire. 

With a fast frame rate.. I the camera does not miss a moment.   The kids were having lots of fun.

"Cool Kid"

"Big kid"
Not just the kids were having fun.. some older kids jumped in as well!

"Action shot"
This girl was amazing.. she gave a show for me and another photographer.  She really knew what she was doing.

"Hula Girl"
The D90 can shoot almost noiseless shots at up to 3200iso.   Leaving for freedom I've never had before in taking pictures.   This day however was sunny and most of these shots were at F3.6-5.6 with an AFS 18-105mm Nikon lens.   I can go as low as iso100 with the D90 or as high as 6400 or so giving a great range of creative possibilities.  I shoot most daytime stuff at iso200.     

"Hula girl 2"
She really put on an awesome show.   On her bag there's a small sign saying "Free hugs".  

"Hula airborne"

"Free hugs"
These guys were right behind the hula girl.    The sign says "Free hugs".   I had a good time at the Saturday market and everyone seemed to be having a good time as well.   No fights, drunks or people getting arrested that we saw.

"Church of the screaming Bible"
These guys were on a mission.   With a bullhorn screaming about how we are all going to hell and Gods really mad at us.    I really don't think that's a way to win people's respect.   Sorry to say but you just sound stupid or crazy or both when you scream through a speaker on the street about anything.

"The cross walk Saturday market"
This is a panoramic shot made from one print.   I am a bit afraid that I processed this at minimum resolution to reduce file size on line.   In short that means this set of pictures was a bit lower in quality then they should have been.   Next time I proses  them there should be more resolution.   Don't forget to click on any image to see the full screen view.   Use your back arrow to return to my site.

"Art class"
Photography and music were not the only arts in progress that day, several people were drawing or painting the schenes with cherry trees in bloom.

"Musical expression"
This thing sounded weird.  I'm not sure what they were playing but it was not your typical Australian sound.  

"Bad photo day"
I cought some people at there best.. and others deffinately not so much.
:-)  This shot was actually an accident.   Many pictures are not discovered until you review and or prosses.

"Photographing cameras"

"On the grass"

"The moments"
Just take a look at this picture and see how many things are going on in it.  

"Portland lightrail"
My wife and I took the Max light rail train from our home in East Portland to the oldtown stop down town for the Saturday market.   I took this shot a couple of days lator visiting my grandma.

"City scope"
This was a great day to get other photos so I drove around looking for places to take pictures and found lots more I've not posted yet.  Down town Portland and some of the down town city life.  

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