Monday, March 20, 2006

About the Maple Bug or Boxelder Stink Bug

Leptocoris trivittatus
Or the much hated--"Eastern Boxelder Bug" Harmless and comical, they do not destroy homes as some people have suggested.

These two need to get a room!
This pile gets down and dirty in the sun! Don't ask me what's in there. These bugs commonly
mate in piles and just two. I do not know how to tell males from females but I presume the females are larger. That is the usual insect rule.

It is also the so called "Maple stink bug" or just "stink bug" if your dumb enough to grab one. You might fear your house is under attack when you see countless numbers of them. Don't worry---they feed on tree sap. They spend the winter huddled, often under homes and buildings but do not eat buildings or wood. Piles larger then this are common--they will eventually leave until next season. Who would want to? They are interesting, as long as you don't scare one! Like most "true bugs" they spray a stinky "bug mace". They only spray if you grab them or they get caught in clothing. Scrubbing with a bar of soap should get most of it off hands.

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