Saturday, March 18, 2006


A NOTE HERE: I apologize for some errors recently in my blog. Continue to visit because I've got some new pictures like nothing I've ever shown coming up. As of oct. 2011 I began a huge effort to reformat the text and fix the many spelling and text errors in my site. Clean it up and make it look good. I have thus saved many articles and pictures which will not be available until I get them re-written. As much as 65% of my site will not be accessible until I get these posts re-done. This will take time, so please keep coming back and checking back for added posts 2005 and on.
--G.Beasley 2011
Have you seen my train trip through the snow when I got to ride in the back where the crew are? --it's a few months back. Check it out if you want to cool off.

Or if your still cold like us here in The Dalles, checkout some of the spiders that share the beach with you in California, to which I will add a great deal to on my up coming trip back down there to see family.

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