Wednesday, March 15, 2006


COLD! ICE COLD. These two "flowers" or whatever they are, I used in a different angle photograph to make that "LAVA LIFE" series of shots. These tiny weeds interest me despite the cold.


And the spiders are few and far between, but they are around. This is a free-roaming species called the "white tip". It's toxic venom, extreme speed, and eating habits have earned it that name. It will eat anything that moves. As with all spiders--respect and care should be used if you find one of these in your home. Remove it with a glass jar and a peace of paper. They are very afraid of people however, and often hard to find let alone catch. THEY are NOT as dangerous as the dreaded black widow or Brown recluse. Mostly there venom is highly toxic to other spiders and insects.

Another angle, I've been able to get only one chance to photograph these in the wild. They are so fast and so afraid that the flash on my camera caused them to run quicker then my own eye could track. This puts them among the fastest running spiders but they by no means chase humans! Like all spiders, they should be treated with respect and removed if found inside your home with a peace of paper and a large jar or vase.

More tiny weeds. Those blades of grass are regular lawn grass or very close to it--they are not any bigger. Many small plants grew up only two be frozen over and over again. Some of them have died but some remain green despite the cold.
This is lawn grass out of control and frozen stiff.
Another angle shot of whatever kind of growth on some of the greens that grow in my back yard. I don't have any books to find out what they are, I just through they were cool! literally! These were painful shots. I had to nearly be a contortionist to get in the right angle and focus of these tiny plants.

Another strange plant I don't recall seeing. Birdseed pours out of local bird feeders. Where ever these plants came from they were all very frozen--as I was when I spent an hour out there doing macro shots in the mud! That was difficult. A tip here---use a garbage bag or old shopping bags to keep your pants warm and isolated from the ground--or do a 'teli-macro' with your tripod. These are some of the most painful shots I've ever taken!

I have at least 40 pictures of frozen greenery outside. This is just another one. I'm looking for "the best" but often I find way to many to do that. People all have there different tastes in pictures.

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