Sunday, April 23, 2006


These are pictures I shot yesterday at the Cherry festival. Each year here we have a big bash. From marching bands to all the local businesses--the parade shows off just about everything in The Dalles. And this time there were more girls then I've ever seen. I'm a lonesome man. I believe in the future. A NOTE HERE: I wrote this BEFORE I met my wife and the love of my life Alina, in 2008.

There is a word for pictures and situations like this, HEAVEN.

Real horses and real wagons and all kinds of cool stuff coming through town. The guy riding shotgun looks to be holding a sharps rifle. A single action breach loader that can drop
a man from a mile away. Just about everybody in this town has a gun. It sounds like WWIII
every 4th and new-years!
The Cherry festival is yearly parade in the spring here. All the local businesses and most the people in this town have floats or drive by to advertise. From the Taxi to the community programs. Here is a square-dance club that I just might look into. I saw more HOT girls yesterday then I did all of last year. Why/where did they hide all year? Update: I am now happily married to Alina and am of coarse no longer looking for love, as I wrote above.

There were many beautiful women who won a number of prizes--or just rode with the parade. They are queens of schools, and other stuff from around here. All of them are HOT! And every one of them stared right into my big camera. I was the only one in that area at least that had sort of serious gear. And so I got sure smiles every time right at me. I think they thought I was working for the news paper.

Every one of these girls made a real effort to make sure I got a picture of them. I should have brought up my lighting for her face and fix this shot. But I want to get a lot of pictures into my website fast and don't want to get bogged down right now in fixing shots. I might do it later.
Cars of all kinds from historic to new-built classics and hot-rods. Nice cars out here.
And many of them just drove there tractors out here. I did some work on a farm a few years ago and learned how to run one of these. They were hard to drive but you get used to it as long as you control the clutch. In the older models like I rode on--many a farmer has been killed by the thing flipping over. But they run forever.

Definitely a model T era car. I'm not sure exactly what.

I got some pictures well enough without Photoshop work. This is what they all did. I was thrown off by the presence of so many incredibly gorgeous women! And thus forgot to check my levels.

I thought this was great. It was a beautiful day and if you ever come to The Dalles--come when the Cherry festival is in season. I'm not sure if they do it on the same day every year. I just ran down there when my neighbors told me it was going on. Check the internet for more info.

I SHOT MOST of the parade as far as I know. I have about 100 pictures of the different floats and displays that went by. If your interested in more pictures from this --send me an e-mail or comment.

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Amy said...

Your photos of the parade came out better than mine. I'm glad I stumbled over them.