Sunday, April 16, 2006


The settings had to be done right with a really steady hand as I framed this shot. My new SLR has a nice and large high-res screen so I could quickly do in-field proofing. I filled one card and then another of these incredible shots. A golden view I would never expect to find in The Dalles. This sunrise was better then any sunset I've seen in all my travels from Europe to, to Japan and Hong Kong and Java, all the way to Texas.

I got up at first light just a few mornings ago. I went outside to see the sun and check my bug lamps. I met a site that showed me why I like doing what I do so much. A hint of gold at the edge of the horizon--echoing across the clouds.

I ran back in and grabbed my camera, put my longest zoom lens on it and ran back outside. I knew I did not have much time because we have a ridge-line sunrise and sunset. It's very easy to watch it happen. I had to find a spot. First I nearly went into someone’s yard as I saw this incredible sight--which has NOT been changed or operated on with any image software. The sky was golden to the eyes as it was to the camera.

It was coming up as if the gates of Heaven itself had opened, and out-poured a light that only God could understand and produce. A state of mind and a moment, I will never forget.

I got a good spot, and without a tripod and a very steady hand I shot each one of them with my camera held steady. This sight and feeling I thought could only be in a dream, but here it was.

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chaindropz said...

Just stopped to say hello. You have very good micro. Keep up the good work. I have my new camera but I am not sure if it will take pictures as good as yours. I am still taking softball pictures.