Tuesday, April 18, 2006


The most beautiful sunrise I've ever seen or photographed I captured a few days ago. The next post shows more pictures of this incredible sunrise. It's truly golden--and un-modified by imaging software. These are straight from the camera other then internet size and my name added to it. This was almost a spiritual experience for me,
Tulips came up all over my yard this year. The back yard got a bunch of Daffodils and a couple other kinds of flowers. I don't know anything about flowers, and hardly knew what these where when they just opened up in my yard. It froze here last night--hard. Will they survive?

They are interesting in and of themselves and I have a number of pictures of them. But what really gets me going is to get the wildlife that comes to them.

This bee was caught flying inside getting pollen. With a high-shutter setting stop action pictures can be done. You will want a flash or a very sunny day for this.

One then two then twelve then almost twenty popped up out there. I found out from the neighbors that an old lady used to live here before me. She planted lots of flowers and despite the fact that they did not get any care--they just rose from the dead this year just in time for my new camera to take pictures of them.

Another shot showing even some wing motion. This bee was headed for a landing. Flowers sell--so I photograph them. I guess I got really lucky this happened. They have been dormant for over three years. A few other colors, and the other kinds of flowers have popped up. Watch my website for more.

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