Monday, July 18, 2005


Yet another example of the power in my macro lenses. I have two new ones I got. I'm really blessed to have these optics so I can show you these pictures and learn so much more. The One I got a day ago is the whopping incredible EIC-61 20mm (if I remember right)-that is probably the coolest lens I have–despite it’s size- it allows me to take incredible closeups of the smallest of insects like mites and flies with no cropping. And my other is an EIC-6117 80mm I'd have to look at them right now to find out. This one was taken with the EIC-6117. (TOP LEFT-I made this picture HUGE so click on it to view the strage mouthparts. Anyway--these new lenses have recently propelled me into the world of super-macro like never before. I am able with this new lens I just got yesterday capture pictures much higher res without using "in camera cropping" or digital zoom.

These shots show the bizarre grill-like mouthparts. My f-stop was f 8 for this picture as most of mine are and I used a homemade reflector to direct the flash. How to make a reflector--they can be really helpful-
Just fold up some aluminum foil to a size that can reflect--use the shiny side, and then use clear packaging tape to basically laminate it until it feels right. Then you have a ready made reflector which can direct many cameras built in flash.

CHECK this out--I used my new
20mm macro lens for some of these
shots--incredible, at full res I could
make a poster out of this stuff! No cropping was used at all here. These two assasin bugs are fighting over the corps of a click bug that apparently got killed by no less then TWO assasin bugs!! Both of them stabbing into it--I tried to video this too--did not get much. These guys were playing a total tug of war with this click bug for more then 15 min. I got this shot it and alot more in that time. They got afraid of my lights and stopped fighting when I got close. It was really strange--I've never seen anything like it. Two assasin bugs fighting over corps. Sucking on it at the same time--with this new lens- I could easly obverserve them puncture the clickbug. The out come is not certain. I went to my other light and when I returned they were both gone--with the clickbug. This was really funny to watch. I still don't know who won.

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