Friday, July 08, 2005

My "pet jumper" is gonna have spiderlings !

She's big enough to have tackled this earwig and was working on it while I was photographing her.

I am particularly proud of these shots because they were done with my newly constructed macro lens that in it's new configuration can be used for shots up to about f 20 (only f 8 used here) and moves with the in camera zoom matched mechanical allowing for "macro-zoom".

The most fascinating thing was, she seemed confused about how much to trust me. Sometimes even approached my camera--left her pray and walked more then 5 inches away from it to the beginning of my roof. Then she turned around and came back down to claim her long dead pray again! I also was using my Pentax 35mm SLR, I just used a 49 mm lens down to f5.6 (ISO 400 film film) to photograph her doing this. When I develop the pictures I may post one of them, I can't remember if I had my macro extension tubes on that lens or not. They show in sequence doing this. I did not think jumping spiders would be able to leave--then return to their prey like that. She proceeded to finish it and purposely dropped it off the wall by cutting all the threads holding it.

Here you can see her true size. Macro shots really change perspective. As I said, she's not that big for jumping spiders on a world scale. The light fixture next to her in this shot is just big enough to hold a standard size light bulb. This is the door lamp I take pictures at almost every night.

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