Thursday, July 07, 2005

Here are some of my favorite shots-

I no longer change dates you have these pages at the top of my blog-- Thankyou's, wishlist, and The Story. These posts will remain in my blog--I may add a button to get those, for now I'm running like anormal blog. You can find them in archives or down the blog.
My pet jumper--Lives right above my door lamp- an interesting study to write about later.

Recently a B17 flew right over my back yard! ...........An ant lion--magnified nearly 10x

ALL insects and spiders are LIVE subjects unless noted. I do not kill bugs
to photograph them--no matter how hard or how long it takes to get the
shot without doing so! And believe me, some shots take hours to setup or
get right. That is an ethical rule I will always observe. Insects and spiders
found dead are easy to photograph but generally look very dead! I have heard
some photographers kill spiders or insects to make them easy to photograph.
I think that is a waste, and really sick.

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