Sunday, July 03, 2005

Don't ever think because it's dark you need to hang up your camera-

To catch animals--if you want to try this you might want to have another camera set at a high ISO and or with a powerful flash. Many people seem to leave 400+ISO alone, but I find it very useful for macro and night shots sometimes. If your camera has a good built in noise limiter night pictures are easy and can be really useful if you’re a night owl like myself. Most insects and Spiders cannot see red light–in fact a red filter of any type over a flashlight is enough to focus your camera–(Red LED flashlight) without alarming a spider in near darkness.

This is not a trick photo (moth and spider shot). In fact it was taken right outside my door lamp--100s of insects and countless of them moths, come most of the year. There is a huge variety of moths here--much larger then I thought. I have almost 1000 pictures archived of moths I've taken by leaving my outside lights on and waiting with a macro lens on my camera.

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