Monday, July 04, 2005

Moths of the Gorge, The Dalles Oregon

These colorful moths are just a couple of examples of the 100s of species from 3mm
long to nearly 50mm in the picture on the left I have photographed every night.
Using two different macro lenses I can capture the smallest and the largest very well.
The hawkmoth is huge--I believe it is related to the tomato worm. I have only seen
one of these here, and photographed it only once. New species seem to appear every
night and my collection of moth photos is at least 1000 now. If you know the names
of any of these moths--e-mail me or leave comment.

I took this one just tonight, you can
see the varied species--and sizes.
They must come from all over the place
out here in the gorge. I am still
amazed at how many kinds there
are--some very intricate and beautiful

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