Friday, July 08, 2005

HUGE Jumper-

She's gained some weight since the earlier posts !! This is the same Jumping spider that lives in the lamp next to my door. The same one in that video I've been showing my family (I got her catching a Lacewing on video a while ago). She's gotten massive very quickly. There is almost no question--She's ready to lay an egg sack. This is the about fattest, but not largest jumping spider I've ever seen. There are truly large jumping spiders in the tropics, but for around here, she's big. Definitely well fed from my the lights being on- I see her almost every night in her hole or right near it. She rarely goes out when I'm there, so when I found her on my wall I took all kinds of pictures. She has been living in a hole made of a padded-kind of silk that is similar to the silk produced by trapdoor spiders in look at feel. Most Jumping spiders have some kind of hangout like this.

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